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Ventura County is so lucky that this place popped up! I've attended a gentle yoga class with Robbi on Saturday mornings that was divine, a meditation workshop with Robbi that was both eye-opening and relaxing, and I've had two massages that were world class! The center itself is gorgeous. It's so relaxing, private, and has wonderful energy. The staff is really accommodating and everyone is there to make you feel more comfortable. They offer a bunch of other services that I haven't tried yet (women's groups, certified nutritionist, and of course, counseling services). It's a really great addition to the area. There is nothing like a place dedicated to the wellness, mentally and physically, of a community. Check them out, I highly recommend it!
- Jessica D


I felt like I had lost myself - my voice, my strength, my direction and my purpose. I felt weighed down and disconnected, as if my light had burnt out. It was a heavy weight on myself, constantly worried about others' judgments of me, worried about pleasing everyone else and I felt very alone and very lost. 


I was unable to keep relationships and I was not attracting positive people into my life because I did not have a positive view of myself. 


After spending years in the dark, self-loathing, I discovered The Emotion Code and EFT after a nutritional visit with Ann. She introduced and educated me on this principle. Every single thing on Earth has energy, including emotions. The energy vibrates within us and can settle in organs, bones or tissues, which can affect our moods, clarity, ability, body and health. 


This noninvasive procedure freed me of traumatic and negative emotions, my own or inherited through my DNA. Sometimes the clearing of these emotions left me noticeably lighter; sometimes if the emotion was impactful enough-it would leave me sore after. I stayed with this therapy and had dramatic improvements within. When I was able to move what was blocking me, I was amazed how limitless and powerful and peaceful I felt. 


Thanks to Ann and her sessions of EFT I have formed a new, healthy and loving relationship with myself. I have fallen completely in love and trust another person completely; no longer held back by fear or self doubt. 


The future is bright; the future is light. 


I have spoken about EFT to many people and recommend it to everyone. Even if you are not experiencing doubt, pain or negativity, you may be carrying around emotions you no longer need. I believe everyone should experience this incredible level of healing. And I am forever grateful to Ann and her knowledge and dedication to this therapy for giving me back my light.

- A L

I have been going to Ann Mulligan for 10 years.  I have seen her for anxiety, food sensitivities, weight loss and healing of memories.  She has been a true blessing in my life and has helped me embrace a more holistic approach to my health.   I’d like to share how she helped me with my allergies. 


I started developing allergies in my 40’s.  I had never been allergic to plants or foods (that I knew of) before so I didn’t take the emergence of some allergy symptoms too seriously. 


However, after a couple of years of taking over the counter drugs for the symptoms, my allergies started getting worse (I was a walking runny nose) so I went to my doctor and she wanted to put me on a couple of drugs and nasal spray.  I didn’t want to further medicate myself so I went to see Ann. 


She muscle tested me and found that I had food sensitivities to bananas, tomatoes and milk products.  She suggested a diet for me and I began some herbs to balance my body and help my immediate symptoms.  After refraining from the foods that I had a sensitivity to, I went to a follow up visit with Ann and with the use of “Ask & Receive” she cleared me of my sensitivities to these foods.  Now I can enjoy these foods once again without developing a runny nose!! 


I truly believe that Ann has helped me on my health journey and I recommend her services to everyone whenever I can.
- C O

The 20s should be carefree and full of self-discovery. I spent 6 years of my 20s back and forth between doctors and specialists never finding conclusive information on what was making me so sick. I was told I had something different by each doctor I saw, from MS to Leukemia, to Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I played trial and error with my body trying various drugs and combination of drugs trying to take away the pain, the fatigue and the swelling.


I was overweight by 70 pounds despite a consistent workout routine and healthy eating and couldn’t sleep despite intense fatigue. My quality of life was basically non-existent and I had such intense guilt because as a single mom I was not able to be the type of mother I wanted to be based on my symptoms and intense level of pain.


I finally gave up. I stopped taking all the medications, I stopped seeing all the specialists and I kept missing work. Finally I reached out to Ann. As the mother of a good friend of mine, I reconnected with her and after my first appointment already had more answers in one hour than I had ever gotten in 6 years.


I learned I was intolerant to basically all of the foods I was ingesting, which was causing massive internal inflammation and the catalyst to the majority of my pain and discomfort. With muscle testing and the correct herbs to kill off a virus I had in my system, I was not only 100% symptom free in less than 2 months, doing only a mild detox, I had dropped 20 pounds of toxins, inflammation and fat, was sleeping through the night, had my natural energy restored and was pain free. With nutrition and an understanding of the inner workings, needs and sensitivity of my own body, I was able to heal and restore my quality of life.


I am now down 60 pounds, healthy and happy and I owe it and my life to Ann. I know if it weren’t for her knowledge, compassion and dedication to health and wellness I would be still stuck in that unhealthy turmoil. My gratitude is endless. 
- A R



I have been meaning to email you an update on N. progress since seeing you.


First of all, thank you, thank you for taking time out of your weekend to see N. and S. Having N. get to see you was an answer to our prayers.


Since seeing you, we've worked really, really hard on keeping N. on the prescribed diet. In just a few days, we noticed visible difference in her skin. Her huge raised, dry, white, scaly patches on her thighs have not only smoothed out but have shrunken in size... All within a few days! And, the color in those areas where we were previously told were never coming back, has returned!


Since we've been back, we did let N. have a free day (in other words, lots of desserts at a church function) and the next day, she flared up again. Not only that, N. has become much more aware of how her body reacts to certain foods. She can almost instantly recognize the angst certain foods cause her body when she eats them. Especially when they are "hidden" ingredients.


Of course, it's not all completely gone but we understand that it is a work in progress. It is taking a lot of careful planning and discipline but we all recognize the good that has come out of it and we continue to work at healing.


Thank you again Ann for helping us get answers. We'll continue to be in touch about her progress :).




- M V

My story: I just hadn't felt like myself for a while. My acid reflux was worse than ever, my digestive tract was a mess. I was feeling sluggish, tired and depressed for a few months and couldn't shake it. After multiple Dr. visits, blood work for thyroid issues etc., prescriptions and dosage increases for my acid reflux and still, no relief. Talk of taking new anti-depressant meds and their side effects, did not thrill me. There must be another answer!
I knew what Ann did and had talked of going to see her for a while. Finally one day, I decided I just needed to call and make an appt. I was tired of feeling so lousy. I was skeptical to some degree, yet knew of others who had had success after meeting with her. I also knew she was going to tell me to avoid some of my favorite foods. But I was willing to try anything. As predicted, she did tell me to avoid most of my favorite foods, at least temporarily she said...she also gave me a detoxing cleanse and a few supplements. I left not feeling better but had confidence that I would soon.
Fast forward two weeks....I suddenly realized I was feeling more energetic, content and had NO acid reflux for the first time in a few years! In fact, I stopped taking my Omeprozole shortly after that and haven't taken one in over 4 months! I am not restricted from as many foods as I was initially, but I did learn what foods I should have in moderation. I've also learned more about the benefits of certain herbs and supplements and am no longer skeptical as to their ability to work and make a difference.    
Every person's body is different and I've always known mine is ultra-sensitive. I don't feel that traditional, modern medicine’s approach of, 'one size fits all'--or most, is the answer for everyone. I've tried it for 30+ years, going in with similar complaints as listed above, given some pills only to realize after a short while that I didn’t feel any better. I've always felt a connection from food to body but again, modern medical doctors rarely talk about it or make that connection. It's been so reassuring to discuss with Ann, the causes and effects of foods, toxins and the environment on our bodies, and to know it's not, "all in my head".  
It's hard to imagine I felt so poorly just a few short months ago. Ann has helped me to physically and emotionally feel 'normal'. I am so grateful to her and the direction she has pointed me in to achieve better health both physically and emotionally!

- DR
I first met Ann about 6 months ago through a dear friend of mine.  I was so impressed with how much Ann helped her that I knew I had to meet her.  I'm a pretty healthy person, but we all have room to improve!  I was feeling very bloated and uncomfortable, so I gave her a call.  I loved her from the minute we met, and she tested me on different foods.  I was completely unaware of 3 things I was allergic to that I ate almost every day!  Through diet and supplements, then eventually emotional coding, Ann has helped me with various other issues, including my Vitiligo that no one has ever helped me with.  I highly recommend her.  She is amazing!

~ Carol H 
- Carol H