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Image by Natalie Grainger

About Us

We each look forward to helping you on your journey. 

MOCWC boasts a personable team of wellness professionals dedicated to developing and healing the mind, body, and soul. 


Our Story

Tristen and Michelle met in 2004 when Tristen sought out Michelle as a mentor for building a successful private practice.

In 2011 Tristen and Michelle decided to expand the practice to include wellness services like yoga, meditation, nutrition, facials, massage as adjuncts to therapy and to promote client self-care.

July 1, 2012, we opened Mission Oaks Counseling & Wellness Center with a team of seven brave practitioners!

We are very team oriented. We absolutely CHERISH our team! They bring us joy, enhance our community and understand our brand. Sometimes we miss the mark on finding the best fit and we always learn from those opportunities. We see ourselves as a growth and training center for any therapist interested in building their own private practice or who want to outsource the challenging administrative tasks of therapy to a strong operations team.

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