May MOCWC Promotions

Health and Wellness Workshops
Lead by Fady Mansi of Real Results Fitness

Conditioning & Fat Loss Bootcamp ($179.99 Introductory price)  
This class will help keep you active or get you to that next level for your overall conditioning.
This class will help you not only build more endurance and stamina, but you will also learn about
Nutrition, food composition, and other nutritional aspects.

Core & Stability Bootcamp ($249.99 Introductory price) 
Improve your overall performance. Train your body to do what your mind knows it's supposed to do.
Improve your core, balance, and stability. We welcome every activity level, from athletes to senior citizens.

One Hour Mobility Class (Initial Class $10, every class thereafter $15) 
Weekly at 6pm every Tuesday - Friday and 10am every Sunday.
This class targets Mobility & Dynamic Stretching for anyone of any age.

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